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tv   9 News Now at 6pm  CBS  September 21, 2011 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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board talked about ways to solve our on going traffic problems and andrea mckaren is live from northwest d.c. with some of these ideas. andrea. >> derek, take a look at the problem. look behind me. this is what it looks like at this hour and the local transportation planning board will be asking commuters this fall whether they would be willing to pay to ease traffic. we travel to one commuter town to pose that question today. historic warrenton, virginia, was established in 1810. today, it is thriving. a small town with a big population of commuters. >> bottom line is, the traffic is just crazy. >> it can't be any worse. need a helicopter. >> terrible traffic is at the heart of a transportation planning board study of a controversial idea known as road use pricing. charging commuters for the miles they log. >> they have to come up with something different, that's for sure. just 66, 495 is a meze.
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>> you shouldn't have to pay to travel. >> one idea, a gps pricing plan, which would charge drivers for the miles they travel from outlying areas into the district. the fees might depend on levels of congestion, time of day, and the type of vehicle they drive. >> it's not fair. you know, why should they? they can't afford to buy property in fairfax closer so they come out here. >> it's not the government's business to know where i am, or what i'm using the roads for. i'm allowed to do where i want. >> also under consideration, more tolls for area highways. >> i don't think that's fair either, no. they have to fight the traffic, they don't need to pay a fee as well. >> zone base charges are being discussed where drivers pay a fee to enter a congested urban area like downtown d.c. >> i wouldn't want to go there in the first place, so i wouldn't pay a fee to enter there. >> some methods of transportation will always be
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better than others. now the transportation planning board will be hosting six public forums this fall to allow commuters to have their say on some of these ideas. a final report on their feedback is expected in spring of 2012. derek. >> andrea mckaren, thank you for that. we appreciate it. >> one thing getting cars off the road would help is with smog. today environmental america released a new report that puts the washington baltimore region as number six as the worst place in the country for smog. now that is because for 33 days last year, it was dangerous for all of us to breathe. >> smog pollution leads to more asthma attacks. increased respiratory difficulty, and decreased lung function. and impacts are worse for children, seniors, and those with respiratory difficulties. >> five areas with worse smog than our area are in california. and later this week, the house is set to debate a bill that
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would weaken the environmental protection agency's ability to regulate airborne pollution. president obama says he would veto any bill that blocks. >> help is on the way. that's the message from the maryland department of transportation. the agency released its priority of projects to help ease congestion. you know there's a lot of it. among the proposal, a pedestrian tunnel under 355. rockville pike from the metro station. bike paths and intersection improvements. the total cost around $165 million. a federal judge has tossed out a new lawsuit filed by the families of the sailors killed in the uss coal bombing. these families want money from sudan. they claim the country gave support to the terrorists that bombed that ship. but the judge said the families can't file another lawsuit based on the same terrorist incident. almost all of them got part of an $8 million ruling. that happened back in 2007.
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he is convinced more than a half million people that he deserves a new trial, but he failed to convince a single court. and convicted georgia cop killer troy davis is now less than an hour away from a lethal injection. there are protests and vigils around the world. bruce leshan is live in mt. vernon square where amnesty international are pleading their case. >> reporter: the nobel peace prize winning group is hoping that several hundred people will stand vigil here over the next hour or so. some of them are starting to gather along new york avenue just up there with some signs. others are gathering outside the u.s. embassies in london and in paris. troy davis' case has actually drawn the concern of former president jimmy carter, the pope, and a former director of the fbi. here's a live picture outside the white house where howard university students stand watch hoping president obama will
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intervene. about an hour ago, park police arrested a dozen of the students. they say that troy davis' execution is a legal lynching. here's the controversy. seven of the nine witnesses against troy davis have recanted. they now say that police pressured them to finger davis who was convicted of the 1989 killing of savanna police officer, mark macphail. >> i never seen troy davis. i don't know who he is. >> why didn't you speak up then? >> i was scared. >> why are you coming forward now? >> because they may end up killing the wrong person. >> the supreme court ordered a judge to take another look at the case and he concluded that suggestions of davis' innocence were quote, smoke and mirrors. the georgia pardons board this morning refused to reconsider.
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so at 7:00 p.m., it is almost certain that executioners will inject troy davis with a lethal cocktail that will paralyze his lungs and stop his heart. lesli. >> all right bruce, thanks for that. two suspects are on the loose after a gun fight outside a drugstore in northwest washington. >> i'm kristin fisher outside the cvs on georgia avenue on northwest washington. the scene of an attempted armored car robbery earlier today. one suspect is still on the loose. another is in the hospital in critical condition. but it is incredible that nobody else was hurt her. especially when you look at the eight bullet holes. >> all of a sudden, we hear all of these shots. >> bertha miller who lives across the street didn't just hear the gun shot. >> i could smell the gun powder coming through the window. >> bertha was sitting in her dining room when two people, maybe three, tried to rob this armored car parked outside the
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cvs. several customers were inside at the time. witnesses say they heard about ten gun shots, but d.c. police won't say who fired them. either the suspects or the armored cars guards or both. >> i am not able to confirm who did the shooting. that's what the investigators are doing right now. >> in northwest washington, kristin fisher, 9news now. >> the federal reserve is hoping the twist will give the economy a boost. for the first time since 1961, the fed plans to sell billions of dollars in short-term bonds to buy some larger, longer term securities. the hope is that it will reduce mortgage rates and interest on business loans. >> unfortunately though, wall street not so keen on the feds plan. the dow dropped almost 284 points after the big announcement. the nasdaq fell 52. the s and p 500 lost. >> take a picture of someone sent to cnn of protests on wall
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street today. now these protesters say they are fed up with the financial industries role in our struggling economy. this is the fifth day that they set up shop outside the stock exchange. >> protests to talk about today. >> hope you'll have no protests as i step aside and go to work on the 7:00 news. and tonight, we delving into the debate. >> we'll see you later. still ahead, dislike, that is the overwelming thoughts on facebook. >> we have the umbrellas out. we'll show you live doppler and you can access this on our website. we'll come back, show you where showers are headed. much of i-66. but up next, just what are the best cities to call home? find out which one is right in
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so if arlington is where you live, you're living pretty well. according to business week, arlington is the second best city in the region. this magazine factored in schools, low crime, green space, and culture, but did not factor in cost of living or proximity to job. honolulu, scotts dale, arizona round out the top five according to business week. all right big spender, you want to head out to honolulu? united is boosting rewards for people who buy its most expensive tickets. so travelers flying first class will get up to 2 1/2 times the miles flown in frequent flier rewards. if you use business class and
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coach tickets, you'll get more tickets. trying to make more expensive tickets more attractive. >> a typhoon sets its sights on japan. how close it's coming to a battered power plant. [ male announcer ] itchy dry scalp?
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get selsun blue for itchy dry scalp. strong itch-fighters target scalp itch while 5 moisturizers leave hair healthy. selsun blue. got a clue? get the blue. right now, women are shaving their heads down at union station for a good cause. that's where the second annual 46 mamas shave for the brave event is in full swing. you see, 46 families learn every day that their child has cancer and this event is geared at raising money to help them. it runs until 9:00 and our own andrea roane is set to shave someone's head at 7:00. this morning we asked you, our viewers, what do you think about facebook's new look? in one hour, we had nearly 200 comments. most people do not like these changes. we asked lindsey mastis to find out where the changes will drive people to sign off or sign on?
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>> really? again? >> this time the changes are obvious. facebook is assuming it knows what you like and it is putting those posts at the top. the most recent posts are on the side. >> consistently reloads that little ticker feed with people i don't care about. >> for a lot of people -- >> it's confusing. >> but some people love it. >> david johnson is a social media expert at american university. i asked him whether facebook needed to make the changes to stay competitive. you know, evolve or die. >> a great example comes out of real evolution where the shark stopped evolving during the dinosaurs because it's so good at what it does, it doesn't need to change. >> so by making these changes, did facebook jump the shark? >> we can all easily think social media is just a party. so as soon as the guests start to leave the party, the value is not there. >> despite all the hate, a lot of people say they'll stay. >> i'll get used to it in a couple days.
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>> some of the changes afterall are things users have been wanting. like larger pictures, faster uploads. you can choose who sees which updates and you can use facebook to skype. >> i think it's easier, more visually appealing. >> i'm sure after a while, people will get used to it and there won't be a problem anymore. >> in northwest washington, i'm lindsey mastis, 9news now. >> now at last check, we had 238 comments on our facebook, and of those, five people wrote the new version was okay or indifferent. this does not seem like a rousing response. one person said she likes the new facebook. the vast majority of comments chose words like hate, dislike, and awful. there was a creepy factor for some, like heather. it's a stalker's dream. i should not be allowed to see friends comments likings or nonfriends pages out in the open like that. but puts in perspective by writing i don't think any
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facebook changes received positive changes, but people get over it like they always do. lesli. >> we'll see. thanks anita. a deadly typhoon slammed into japan and it is packing sustained winds of 100 miles an hour. at last check, 13 people were dead or missing, hundreds and thousands of people have lost power. there's a glimmer of good news. the power complex hit by a tsunami has been spared any significant damage. it seems like japan has had a rough go. >> it weakened a little. bad news, flooding was the worse thing. it affected the entire island. it went from south to north along the coast. we have a tropical storm in the atlantic basin. it is way out there and not going to worry about it for now. you can go to our website at that's where it's at really. showers and a couple embedded thunderstorms. mainly south and southwest of town, we talked about how
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everything would hold off until the evening. didn't have a chamber of commerce day, but it didn't rain. we'll zoom in and we have some light activity denoted in light shades and darker shades of green. heavier between upperville and aldi. straddling route 50. this is heavier activity southwest of warrenton. we also have some rain from woodbridge down to quantico and on the east side of one. we'll back the radar out a little bit and put it into motion. where is this going to go in the next hour? essentially to the north. so leesburg, get ready for a little bit of activity. gaithersburg, northwest and d.c. and towards the airport. working its way up route 1 and 95. it's all, in this case, green for the most part. a couple yellows by warrenton. this is all light to moderate activity. nothing crazy heavy. no severe weather. nothing like remnants of lee, but in some ways it's a similar
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pattern. we keep getting waves of showers. 75 right now. 72 in manassas. 72 in gaithersburg. it's mild at least. 73 out in leesburg and 72 in winchester and 73 also down in fredericksburg. now here's the deal. it's going to remain unsettled. showers and thunderstorms tonight. a wet commute. mainly morning showers tomorrow. good news, it will be warm again on thursday. now just after midnight, looking at some showers off to the west. prince georges county, calvert county, and charles county. in the early morning rush hour, some light activity. the clouds will hang tough. maybe a couple breaks late in the afternoon. and then showers redevelop just in time for the evening commute tomorrow around 6:45 to 7:00 and then we go into overnight into early friday morning. looks like another wet commute friday morning. the good news is, after that, it will improve. for tonight, mostly cloudy and mild. showers and thunderstorms. low temperatures in the 60s. next seven days, well more of
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the same on friday. but just a slight chance of a shower or two on saturday and sunday. so we are getting dryer air in here slowly but surely and cooler next week with only a slight chance of a shower on tuesday. >> wet arrival for fall. >> yes. wet and warm though. >> okay. tony romo is hurt, but the skins are going to go right for them. >> that is the ethics of the nfl. they are going to attack him and this is redskins cowboys. if you want to play hurt, you have to expect to get hurt more. the redskins are going to go after romo. plus, why breaking your coach's hand is not a good idea. 9sports next.
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landry had nine tackles in the last game. problem is, that last game was
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last november. the triple whammy of injuries kept the former probowl safety on the bench since then, but that run is now over. landry is full go. last year was the wrist that required surgery. this year it's the acylys. if you wonder how he felt watching all those games with a baseball hat on -- >> i hate it. being on the sideline knowing what i can add to the defense and what i'm capable of doing. i can't wait to put my little ingredient in it. you know, come out there on fire. can't wait. >> that's the first time an nfl player referred to himself as a cayenne pepper. he knows something about gumbo. tony romo is going to play with a punctured lung and forest gump's leg braces for all we know. and the amount of sympathy generating from the redskins is nothing.
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not only are the skins not impressed with romo playing through the pain, they plan to target the injured area and cause him more. >> absolutely. i want to get a chance to put my helmet on whatever is hurt. romo's ribs, i'm going to be asking for corner blitz. if you know something is wrong with an opponent, you will try to target in. we will get as many hats around those guys as possible. >> and that's the way the nfl works. second week in a row, it will be a reunion game. this year it's steven. the defensive end spent his first five seasons with the cowboys. the redskins did. with that, time for you to vote on our candidates for game of the week. among them, rockville. langly at marshall. that's a barn burner every year. wallet whitman. anita will be there. winning game leads our coverage friday. finally, want to know the best
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time to win your time in break your coach's hand. catch the guy and watch his player try to clear the ball and wac him. here's the replay. now soccer ball is inflatable, but he had to come back with a cast after halftime and that's the way you go from starter to bench warmer. water boy or whatever. >> ouch. >> that's nasty. >> that's it for us. the cbs evening news is up next. >> that's right. at 7:00, derek is here with your area's only local newscast. >> there you go. that's it for us. have a fantastic night.
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